Friday, February 16, 2007

Do Unto Others...

So, I've always made a big thing about trying to live my life by the Golden Rule.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Treat people as you'd like to be treated.

Love thy brother as thyself.

From B'hai to Buddhism, just about every world religion and culture has their own version of it. Makes you think it's a basic human law, doesn't it?

"Basic" being the key word here. It's kind of a basic instinct and doesn't seem that hard to do, either, making it the perfect law for which I could base the way I live my life. Easy to remember, easy to do, easy to commit to, easy to teach.

So exactly how did I manage to FUBAR it up so badly?

I hate that I let my guard down. I hate when I hurt anyone's feelings. I didn't mean to do it.

Like I say constantly in my day job, it's not the intent, it's the effect it has on people.

So, my only excuse is that I'm human with apparently latent inhuman tendencies and I fucked up. That discovery doesn't change a damned thing, of course. Except that maybe now I won't take something so important for granted.